Saturday, June 06, 2009

Some reflections on achieving

In an attempt to set myself back on track to achieving my goals, I decided to reflect on the components that I feel are most important in doing this.

uno: Having a fundamental understanding of why you are trying to achieve said goal. Often times we set out goals for ourselves without really having a deeper understanding of why we are driven to that end. But if you understand the implications and reasons behind it, you can often be your own source of motivation. For example, I know that I want to go to law school to be a lawyer because I feel that I can bring about positive change to the world through law. It is a cornerstone for our society and something that I feel very passionate about. I've found that these reasons are usually deeply personal and sometimes things that I can't always verbalize to others when they ask me why I want to go into law. But the important thing is that they are intrinsic in my mind.

deux: Knowing what plan B and C are if you don't achieve what you are aiming for. My dad has told me before that, if you are looking for more motivation, you need not look any further than the options that are not your immediate goal. If you slant them to appear more unattractive, you will realize that they are not actually what you want.

three: Realize that everyone has off days, but the important thing is to not get discouraged by them. Some days when I am running, I'm not an energetic as other days. But it is no reason to abandon my physical health. I still get up the next day and go at it again. I do it because I know that I feel mentally better when I've exercised.

4: Always maintain your enthusiasm. This may seem difficult at times, but I believe that we can always muster up excitement for what we are working towards. I'm studying to take the LSAT this fall, which for most people strikes them as a less that fun endeavor. But I have managed to find a thrilling facet about it, mostly that all of my hard work will get me into law school and thus check off another one of my goals. Sometimes a little glimmer of hope is all we need to keep trucking.

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