Sunday, June 21, 2009


What kind of moments in life get coined as intimate? One time I was at a Death Cab concert with only 100 attendees. That was intimate. This morning I woke up next to someone whom I feel very comfortable with. That was intimate. How is it that these distinctly different moments in life are given the same adjective? It baffles me to some extent, but it is understandable because many words have different connotations. So tonight I find myself pondering how we define intimacy with another human being; or more to the point, why does it take to say that we are intimate with someone?

At the moment, I'm beginning to believe that intimacy is much more than a purely physical interaction. In fact, I don't think it can exist without an emotion component. I mean, if there was nothing emotional in tow, I would be inclined to call it lust. In thinking about the relationship that I am embarking on, intimacy comes in the form of not being afraid to exist in my most organic form. The comfort and ease that I feel in his presence is something that I don't think I could put into words. But most importantly, this afternoon I finally realize why it is that I feel this way. Communication. This is an entirely new concept to me in terms of intimacy, but it's definitely working out well.

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Warren said...

yes! Communication. I've always found the really deep connections start there.