Friday, May 29, 2009

Open Relationships

Open relationships are a concept that escapes me. I know it is something all too common for people in my age range, but I am clearly not hardwired for them. My philosophy has always been that romantic relationship are something that should be cherished, not devalued, and that a huge component of them is simply being with someone that you care about. And for me, if I care about someone I would not want to be with anyone else. The converse would also be true. I found myself not caring for them, then I would not stay with them. By having an open relationship with someone, I feel that you debase any notion of caring for them.

I realize that mass culture in the last 20 years has promoted sexual promiscuity and the like. Shows like Sex and the City fetishize these kinds of relationships because we are able to get the physical aspects that we desire without the 'messiness' of an actually relationship. Personally, I find that this is just a reflection of the laziness of our culture. Rather than put time and energy into something meaningful, people opt for the easy way out coupled with instant gratification. I find myself wondering if I will ever stumbled upon someone like me, who values the same things I do, who still believes in romance. Though it seems like an ever-increasingly difficult task.

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