Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stellar Day

For once I find myself without words to describe the day that I had. I've been thinking a lot about how optimistic I have been since the onset of the new year, and I think that today might help justify my happiness. For starters, my friend and I were walking from our American Lit class to grab a coffee and as we approached the aquatic centre, I began to see a familiar face. It was Rowan, the law school boy from December. Granted I had come to terms with fate not being in my corner on this one, but I must say I was bubbling over with excitement just seeing him again. Not to mention that he recognized me as well. My friend and I finally made it to The Boulevard and had a really great conversation about everything. We had the Shakespeare class together last term and I got to know her a bit through our group project, but I'm really enjoying getting to know more people in my classes this term. It's making me feel more comfortable, but it's also nice to meet new people.
After coffee I headed over to the pottery studio, which I knew would keep my mood up. I had not been back since school started this term, and it was really wonderful to get back in there. I mostly finished up my glazing from last semester and I can't wait to see what everything looks like next week. I'm excited about doing some throwning next Tuesday as well.
I figured that work would be so-so today, but I was still floating along, re-imagining my morning and knew that it would help pull me through the rest of the day. But there was an unexpected twist. My boss came down to talk to me just before I left and we talked about a lot of the changes happening around i.house, which him to mention that he would like me to take over as Student Coordinator for the group that I work for now! A promotion?! This has to be the cherry on top. I have to wonder if anyone has been so lucky, because it sure doesn't feel like they could top this. Though I know I'm kind of caught up in the moment so the novelty will probably wear off soon, but I'm glad to be enjoying it for now.

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