Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the rapture of Barnes' prose

Midweek already. I feel a certain sense of foreboding about the upcoming weekend. I think that since I am going camping, there's a particular inevitability of something going wrong. Try as I might, I can't always plan for every possible scenario. It is definitely keeping me busy though.
I finished Nightwood yesterday and it was the first time in a while that upon reading the last word, I felt myself say, "I don't want it to end!" Partly because I felt so connected with one of the characters, but also because the prose was simply fantastic! It was my first Barnes novel and will not be the last. There is something so painfully realistic about her writing, as with most Modernist writers I suppose. I think what I felt most connected to was the messy portrayal of love. More than anything she seems to seek out the boundaries of what Western culture deems as "ultimate happiness" and tear them down, with no regard for gender. Her very destructive main character, Robin, suffers silently through out the novel mostly because she doesn't know what she wants and seems too afraid to find out. But along the way, she dabbles and uses so many people in her effort to find the answer to her happiness. I felt as though Barnes might have been making the statement that happiness does not come as easily as we would like it, but often times we are blind to the repercussions of our actions in trying to achieve it. Oh, I feel like I could reflect on this novel forever. Go read if you haven't already!
Unfortunately my date for tomorrow night has been postponed for a week, but I think that works out better. I'm getting ready to go camping with by Brownie unit on Friday, so needless to say I should probably be in doing work and packing tomorrow night instead. Maybe I'll also be able to enjoy it more next week knowing that I will be losing out on homework time . . .

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