Saturday, January 17, 2009

a quiet night in

A very busy week is over and I'm enjoying a quite Saturday night at my apartment watching "Without a Trace" with my roommate. Last night I went to Al Porte restaurant in Gastown. It was sort of our unofficial New Year's dinner, definitely a lively night. In fact in the midst of the all the exchanges of drinks and conversation, Sarah, JM and I made a deal. We decided that we were going to get a date before January 30th and the person who doesn't get a date owes the rest of us a drink. Immediately I thought that I would further pursue my pending date with Rowan. Not only would I over come my girlish fears of actually talking to him, but I would also satisfy myself knowing that the most romantic situation that's happened to me in the past couple of months. After leaving the restaurant Karoline and I headed to Aidan's birthday party at a club. Unfortunately after an hour of waiting in line in the frigid temps we decided that it just wasn't worth it and flagged down a cab. I felt bad about ditching her party but I just wasn't in the mood to put up with the crap of getting into a club. In a way I guess that's what's always deterred me from clubbing. 
So back to the dating bet. I've been working at home all day and when I finally did leave the house it was to go pick up my pottery at the studio. But I thought I would give Karoline a call to see if she was on campus. Unfortunately she wasn't, but she had surprising news for me. Her friend Tom called her earlier today and was telling her that his frat brother, Pedro, likes me and wants them to set us up. Well, I've met Pedro a couple of times before but it's only been brief and in passing. He's definitely attractive and it couldn't hurt to go out once. Karoline seemed a bit shocked when I told her that I thought he was cute. Conclusion, Thursday night I'm going on a date with Pedro. Details to follow . . .

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