Thursday, December 11, 2008

here it goes

Oh such an exciting week! So after meeting the law boys on Monday, I saw them again on Tuesday and worked up the nerve to talk to one of them. It was a bit of an awkward conversation and we just talked briefly about exams. He did, however, wave to me as they were leaving. Unfortunately they didn't go to the Boulevard on Wednesday, but today my faith was restored and just only the one that I had talked to the other day showed up. He appropriated situated himself diagonally across the coffee shop from me. So we smiled coyly at each other and we didn't speak at first, but then as he was leaving he came up to me. It was . . . cute (?), I don't know. He asked me how studying was going, and then if I was going to be there again tomorrow studying. Ahhhhh! So exciting! I wasn't actually planning on being there tomorrow, but now I am definitely changing my plans so that I might have a chance to actually talk to him once again. And tomorrow, I will definitely be introducing myself since I've failed to do that the past couple of times. I think he must be interested, right? I mean no one continuously talks to a total stranger for no reason and then says "see you tomorrow." That's what that means right? Who knows. All that matters is that he's adorable and I would like to get to know him.
Tomorrow is also my last exam, yay! I'm definitely feeling good about. I've studied very hard this past week and I'm even more glad that it will be over this time tomorrow. I'm also looking forward to Karoline's party after my exam!! And in three days I will be back in California!

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