Monday, December 08, 2008

Coffee shop mondays

It's Monday, again, but this week is seemingly different. It's my last week in Vancouver for 2008 for starters. But I also had an encounter this morning that turned things around for me. I got to the Boulevard around 9 to begin revision for English. It was quite busy considering how early is was. So I got my cup of coffee just like always and took a seat close to the doors. It was slightly cold there but it kept me alert. Alert enough to notice to two men who sat next to me. Even though I had my ear plugs in I could still hear them talking about property law (law students, such a bonus). Anyways, it kept me focused on my work because I didn't want to seem like I was paying more attention to them until the guy sitting opposite me said, "I wish I was studying Shakespeare." And I immediately jumped into the conversation. So we chatted briefly about English and then I asked if they were in law and I told them that I was studying to take the LSAT soon. Then Karoline showed up and I talked to her instead and went back to work. She kept making awkward gestures at me, trying to point out the that guy sitting just to my right kept looking at me. As embarrassing as she might have been, it made me smile. Eventually they headed off to write an exam but not before all four of us talked again. They seemed like genuinely nice guys. The kind of guys that I would want to date. It was definitely a good pick-me-up. And I was especially proud of myself for not being awkward or shy! However about an hour after they left, I realized that I totally blanked on actually introducing myself. Next time, next time. Regardless, this was a big step in the right direction for me and hopefully something that will become recurrent in my life.

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