Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back home

My time at home has been enjoyable so far I guess. Things seems different here than I remembered. I think part of it is my dad being back in school. He is still writing papers and since he's such a hard worker I know he's probably putting a lot of pressure on himself. It's almost made me distance myself from him in a way, well partly because he was awfully critical of my final art piece from this past semester. He, more or less, called my conceptual ideas behind the piece farcical and unfounded. But I was thinking about it and I have very strong convictions about the subject matter of my art piece and firmly believe in what I made, and so I can't let someone else try to undermine them. Let alone all of my hard work on it. I think it has been a good lesson in learning how to stand my ground and more importantly, on how to take pride in something that I've done. His opposing attitudes actually make me want to work harder to prove him wrong. Maybe regaining my competitive side wouldn't be such a bad thing, in fact I think it will help push me through my studies this coming semester.
On a better note however, mom and I went shopping today. The mall was relatively quite, but then again it is a Tuesday. It was strange how friendly all of the sales people were. So helpful. They aren't usually like that at every store you go to. I guess it's probably a reflection of their need to increase sales this year. I certainly embrace the better service and all the sales! I can't imagine that the sales will get any better after Christmas, but it would be great if they did.

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