Sunday, November 16, 2008

Unexpected Backlash

Today I had an group meeting for my English class performance, this is the group that Phil is also in. So since we parted on what I thought were mutual terms, I was completely prepared to be civil today. However when he arrived he did not even acknowledge my presence, nor did he even remotely look my direction during the entire 2 hours! I noticed that the boy had a hickey on his neck! Which means that my suspicion from several weekends ago has been confirmed. He probably has been seeing someone else. And now I feel a bit silly sleeping with him for nearly 2 months, I think I knew that it was too soon. Well I guess I've learned my lesson.
I talked to my mom about it. She said that he was probably feeling a bit awkward about it, which is why he avoided me. But she also told me that I was being a bit irrational about giving up on dating already. She reminded me that I shouldn't expect to find someone that I truly love and want to spend the rest of my life with quickly; it's often a long, and sometimes painful, process.

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