Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Non-Fiction from a Past Life

Perhaps one day you'll read this. At least I hope so anyway. I feel like I'm more articulate in pen than I am in speech. I think it's because I don't have to be present while people judge me. I don't deal well with that sort of thing. I've been sitting here on the airplane to New York replaying lots of scenes in my mind, trying to feel closer to you. The ones that seem to be coming to mind most frequently are all the times we'd sit on each others beds talking about well, nothing really. Even just being there with you, I've never felt so comfortable just talking. It's like I suddenly have nothing to hide. And even if I did, there's no place that you couldn't find me. Maybe this is was its suppose to feel like; when things fall into place where they're supposed to. I tell you [ ], I've never been in my entire life a romantic in any sense of the word. But that seems to have changed for me, and I'm moving to a new chapter of my life. I love it though. I hope this fire in my eyes burns for a while longer. I'm not ready for any of this to change, though sometimes it's how things have to be. You know what else crossed my mind? How impossible it is that we ever met in the first place, let alone became such good friends. It disproves most of the things I believe about fate being impossible. maybe there's some justification to what so many believe in. But I like the mystery so I'm not going to give in just yet.
May 2007

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