Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And things come together

I had a good chat with my dad last night. He told me that I need to find my inner blood-thirsty competitor for the next few months while I'm preparing for the LSAT. I'm not sure if that description that was meant to set me off, but it did in a way. Although I would describe myself as competitive, focused is a better word. I know what I want and it's totally feasible that I can get it. I've been working so hard in the past two years and I have so much to loose if I didn't get in to law school. I haven't been trying so hard for nothing, and I think I just need to keep that in mind as June gets closer.
What I've found most interesting about this term is that I haven't been getting things done as far in advance as I did last year, but I'm approaching them with even more determination, which is what I think explains why I have been getting relatively good marks. Right now I have 6 days until my Shakespeare essay is due, but in working things out for it this morning, I've found that it's really come together. In fact, more so than I initially thought it would. I've definitely rediscovered my love for writing and I think it will definitely show this semester. I know that next semester maybe equally challenging, but I know I'll be up for it. I'll have to work extra hard to ensure my success on the LSAT. But hey, if I somehow manage to get As in university, can a good LSAT score be that far off?

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