Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i heart john. but not as much as cousin karl.

OMG. Galliano's spring couture collection for Dior is so divine. I think this was one of my favorite dresses from it. Though I have to say I wasn't too impressed with some of the models used for the shoot. I really don't this some of them did the garments justice. I mean, it's John Galliano, they should feel beyond obligated to do a fabulous poses.


Prams said...

"i heart john. but not as much as cousin karl."

but there is nothing abt john or karl in the post! n is it heart/hurt? jus a lil doubt..maybe you meant it to be heart.. jus chekin ;) lol!

Vanessa said...

"i heart" as in "i love," which is in reference to John Galliano of Dior and Karl Lagarfeld of Chanel.

Mili said...

Great work.