Sunday, April 20, 2008

78 hours until it's over

This has been one of those weekends that reminds me that I can achieve everything that I desire in life. I managed to get a lot of studying done for my upcoming exams, as well as logging in some quality time with my friends. I even fit in a run to the beach this morning. It was so nice out, the tide was out about 400 meters and it was amazing to look back at the city with the wet, soggy earth as it's foreground. There were a lot of sail boats out in the bay, which made me nostalgic for summer. But I have to be patient and focus on what's on hand which is my exams.
In general, this term has seemed like on big blur to me. So much has happened and I feel like it's forcing me even more to step up and be in charge of myself, my emotions, my fears, my life. It's been difficult but with my best friends at my side encouraging me, it's been easier to take risks and discover new facets of myself. I think this summer will be about even more self discovery and dedication to being the best person I can be. Three cheers for being fabulous!

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