Tuesday, March 18, 2008

this space is intentionally left blank.

I am beyond perplexed by the repercussions following my most recent break up. My roommates, whom I thought I was good friends with, sat me down tonight to say that they don't want to live together anymore because they value their friendship with my ex more. This is just fantastic news. I'm now down 3 friends over a break up. I'm not sure why they feel obligated to choose sides in the first place. But I guess that this break has been good for is finding out who my real friends actually are; a dwindling number at best. Regardless, it's makes me a bit angry to think that they have merely been performing the role of a friend for a months now, only because we live together. Even more absurd than that though is the fact that they tried to tell me that we'd all be better friends if we didn't live together. Now THAT I know for a fact is such bs, because those two would probably barely make an effort to see me, let alone be my friends. I feel the only thing the break up has done is set me on a path of perpetual alienation from people whom I thought cared about me the way that I care about them.

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