Saturday, February 10, 2007

another good week

It's been another crazy week at school. I had my first midterm last night, for macroeconomics. I think it went pretty well. I'm mostly pleased with the fact that I'd been keeping up with the readings and that it wasn't a huge chore to study for the exam. I guess it does pay off the begin studying earlier. Next week is the the last week before reading week. I'm actually fairly excited about going home. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and getting quite a bit of studying done. It should be good.
I'd venture to say that right now is the happiest I've been in quite a long time. For once I'm also not afraid to feel. Not afraid of what I don't know. Not afraid of what's unexpected. I'm not running, for all these reasons and so many more. I'm just so happy. It all feels so right. Things have perfectly fallen into place.

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