Thursday, January 11, 2007

one week down (well almost)

So I've hit the ground running this term. I've actually spent a significant already working in the library or in Starbucks up the street, and I hate to admit it, but I feel even more comfortable sitting in class knowing that I know the material. I mean there are times when I have questions, but knowing the material before class has been one of the most helpful things that I've done fore myself this term. I'm also surprised that I haven't felt the need to go to library with a group of people. I've been perfectly fine on my own. It's kind of scary in a way that I'm actually motivating myself for once. I'm very pleased so far with how I've been handling my work and time this week. In fact, I find it really boring to be sitting in my room talking to friends of instant messages. But I think what really got me motivated to get it together has been that I've realized that I do have something to prove. Except this time it's to myself.

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