Monday, December 11, 2006

feeling guilt for my selfishness

My dad arrived in town this afternoon (I know, he's visiting again) for the week. It's kind of weird that he's come to see me so many times during the term. I mean it hardly feels like I've been away at University. Especially since he insists on offering his help for calculus. I know I probably sound ungrateful, but I just want to feel like I'm out on my own like I don't always have to have my parents there keeping me afloat. I see so many of my friends here who haven't seen their parents at all since they left home in August, and it makes me sad that I'm selfish enough to outrightly say that I wish my dad didn't visit as often. But I'm going to take it in stride and continue on with the week, remaining composed despite the fact that my math finally is this Saturday.

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