Tuesday, December 19, 2006

back in cali

My dad made an interesting point the other day when we were talking about California. It's a sort of fantasy land where people live in a state of denial. This is fairly applicable to the rest of the states at this point in time, however there is something very different about California. It appears to be overwhelmingly flawless, and people construct a reality which reflects perfection. I mean we have amazing weather here, but it took be leaving the country to figure out that California is about the only place with weather as nice as we have it. And the worst part is that we complain when it even gets the slightest bit below 60 degrees. The rest of the world puts up with significantly worse weather and you don't hear them complaining. Secondly, everyone here is convinced that life right now is good. The economy is great. The Democrats are now in power in Congress. Life is the way it's suppose to be. Wrong again. Gaining the perspective of an outsider the past few months I've come to realize that the US is in the worst state is has been in a very long time. The government is more hush-hush than ever before. The Republicans are selling off public assets. The Democrats are allowing the number of troops in Iraq to be increased. People are struggling with mortgage payments and half the homes in my town are for sale. There is something definitely wrong with the world. Maybe the half-wit Californians will come to terms that they live in a watered-down version of the world soon.

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