Wednesday, October 25, 2006

half way through the semester

The majority of my midterms are finished now, although I'm still feeling the burden of finals lurking in the future. It's like an evil cycle . . . just like high school. You think you've finally gotten ahead and then you have another arbitrary project to take care of. There's no room for weakness. No room for breathing. No room for being human. Or perhaps that's supposed to be reflected in our learning. I really enjoy all of the classes that I'm taken and hands down, it's for sure better than high school, I just feel like at the bottom of the intellectual food chain again. And it's so hard to wade through the wealth of information that you're given, to figure out the best way to be well versed on a subject without inducing burnout.
On the flip side of things, I'm also faced with being empathetic to every point of view. And so far I feel like I've done a fairly decent job at this. However it doesn't seem to be a two way street. I don't get the same understanding from the opposing parties that I give to them. It's frustrating for me because I really want to have people understand me, whether this is in terms of religious beliefs (or lack there of ) or political affiliation. It's important to be open minded, and when other people are more understanding of you, you in turn, are more receptive to sharing personal opinions.

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