Thursday, October 26, 2006

college really isn't as bad a I thought it would be

It's been an interesting week. My parents are flying up for the weekend, so that tosses up the usual a little bit more. It's also been horribly soggy here today. And it's definitely colder than I had ever expected. But for the most part I really like college. I like that fact that I in classes with other people who are chosing to be there as well, enhancing the discussions and the level intellect. I sincerely appreciate this. I love all of the opportunities that are avaliable to me here. Seriously, who would have ever thought that I would have taken up ballroom and had an even remote dedication to it? I certainly didn't. I also enjoy, for the most part, the work and studying that I have to do outside of class. My art history readings are really interesting and I've learned so much from them. And despite common belief, I'm really liking math. I must say though, I'm really looking forward to my classes next term as well because they're going to be really different from what I'm taking this term. Economics is gonna rock my socks.

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