Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Startling Revelation A Little Too Late

After spending the past week and half complaining, fretting over, and stressing about my visual arts class I finally began my project that is due on friday. And amazingly enough, it has gone surprisingly well which could translate to one of two things. 1. That my drawing skills aren't nearly as bad as I imagined or 2. I should have began working on this project this time last week. I hate to admit to procrastination in this case; however, I don't feel nearly as guilty as I usually would because I'm actually aware of the benefits that I could be experiencing if I had actually followed through on working on this piece last week. It's quite astonishing to me, that perhaps I could actually be okay in this class. Although I think the fear of utter and complete failure is keeping more motivated. Thus I think it's best that I continue to live in a reality where I can't draw in order to work harded in this class. It's really scary to me, that I might stuggle more with a drawing class, than my math class for once.

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