Friday, September 22, 2006

Snow Patrol Concert = ♥

Last night I went to the Snow Patrol concert here in Vancouver and oh my god it was freaking amazing!! In fact, I would venture to say that it could rival the Death Cab concert that I went to last March. They sound exactly like they do on the record, and it was incredible to see how enthralled the band was in their music. It made the concert so much more engaging and just phenomenal. I could believe the quality of the concert, because (as always) I have my doubts about live music. But if they are ever in the area again I'm definately going to see them again.
Other than the concet yesterday, nothing much of great significance has happened to me lately. Although I did manage to get a decent mark on my art piece, and everyone had good things to say about it. So I suppose all the stress and pressure I put on myself was really for no reason.

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