Sunday, September 17, 2006

Reflection on Recent Events

I've heard it before, the cliche of college being a place where you find yourself. In fact I'm convinced that the only thing you find at college, is a bunch of overly excited teenagers looking to hook up with anyone who will say yes. I find it difficult to understand. Why do people get so out of control when they leave home for the first time? I guess because I haven't reacted in the same way, I obviously find it much more difficult to get, but nonetheless, I don't feel like the same girl that I was back home a month ago. I'm not out doing out of control, teenager activites that I was before. I'm not out the whole weekend with friends. I'm not sure what element about being here has changed me so much. Or for that matter, why I feel so different. I'm in daze of confusion of the most part, and I feel like I'm floating from place to place, so unconcious and unaware of everything that is going on around me. Although I've come to terms with the fact that I'm probably not the only person that feels this way, I don't feel like it manifests itself on the outside of anyone else. Making it that much more difficult to understand.

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